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How to Lose Weight Next Year - Your New Year's Resolution

  It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a better life. If you are overweight, you are more likely to become obese. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US obesity prevalence was 41.9% in 2017–March 2020. Losing weight will help you reduce the risk of obesity. There are a lot of ways to lose weight: by making changes in your diet and by increasing physical activity. Are you planning to lose weight in 2024? Do you need help figuring out where to start? Don't worry! I am here to help you. Add Protein to Your Diet According to Healthline, protein can help you lose weight naturally, as many calories are burned while digesting protein. A protein-rich diet can also reduce your appetite by making you feel full and helping prevent the loss of muscle mass. Consuming protein cuts your cravings and reduces your desire for late-night snacking. Protein-rich foods include beans, seeds, nuts, eggs, yogurt, cheese, poultry, fish, and meat. Cut Liquid Calori