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Weight Loss


A great way to start your weight loss journey is to admire the fact that it's a lifestyle change and not just a seasonal monster you want to overcome once in your life. Ask yourself this question, how did I get here in the first place? When you discover that reality, you will be able to not only lose weight but keep the weight off all your life.

The problem with dieting for some is they'll make it a seasonal once in a lifetime thing and not something to look forward to completing forever. For example, remember the Biggest Loser and how the people there wanted to lose weight for a reason, and it was finances. After winning, they go home and start eating and eating and eating until they have gained not only the previous weight but also new weight gain, they never seen before.

So healthy living is a lifestyle change you have to continue living all your life. Some may be asking, well how am I supposed to do that? And the answer is simple, stop binge eating. Stop eating while you are not hungry and overcome sensation of greed vs. need. Your body responds to hunger and fullness all the time. Therefore, when you are physically hungry you can eat- without binging, stop when satisfied. And stop harming your body with overeating.  

It's very simple to stop eating just because the food is there. If you are not hungry simply stop eating and if you are hungry, it's OK to eat at this time. 

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