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10 Affordable Exercise Equipment That Will Slim You Down


Workouts are essential to burn fat and achieve overall well-being. But the question is, which machines are suitable for you? Do you also face trouble finding the best and most affordable exercise equipment? There is no need to worry. I am here to help you! Here are the ten affordable equipment for you to lose weight:

Echelon Stride 

If you are looking for a treadmill, Echelon Stride is one of the best choices. According to a study published in PubMed Central, treadmills are the best machines in terms of energy expenditure. Echelon Stride offers you a speed up to 12mph. It has an incline range from 0 to 10%. Its 1.75 horsepower motor gives you a smooth output.


  • It is ultra-compact.

  • You can easily fold it. 

  • It lacks a touch screen. 

Mobvoi Home Treadmill 

Another budget-friendly treadmill for you is the Mobvoi Home TreadMill. It provides you with a maximum speed of 12km/h. The tread belt size of this treadmill is 16″×40″. You can also use it as a walking treadmill by removing the rails on either side of the machine. It can be controlled with a remote as well.


  • You can buy it for under $400 only

  • It is foldable

  • Speed adjustments are smooth


  • It has low maximum speed

  • The tread belt is narrow

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

You can also go for indoor cycling bikes to burn your body fat. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is 40 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 45 inches tall. The bike has a durable steel frame that can handle upto 270 pounds of weight. It has a 35-pound flywheel, which offers you excellent resistance.


  • It provides you with a smooth and quiet ride

  • It is space efficient


  • This bike is a low-tech option 

PASYOU Adjustable Weight Bench

The strength training kit is incomplete without a weight bench. This bench is versatile and user-friendly. You can fold it into eight different positions. It can be used as a flat, an incline, or a decline bench. It has high-density foam padding. Therefore, its seat helps you to secure your body firmly and reduce muscle fatigue during full-body workouts. The weight capacity of the bench is 500 pounds.


  • It is foldable

  • Has a high-weight capacity 


  • It is less adjustable 

Concept 2 Model D (RowErg)

You can burn calories with a rowing machine. According to the research of Harward Health, people who weigh 125-185 lbs can burn 200- 311 calories in 30 minutes through moderate-intensity sessions on rowing machines. Concept 2 Model D (RowErg) is an appropriate option for you to lose weight. It is a well-designed and comfortable machine. This rowing machine has a PM5 monitor. Its length is 96″, width is 24″, and height is 50″.


  • It is a reliable equipment

  • Industry-standard model 


  • Little connectivity 
AKYEN Adjustable Squat Rack Stand

AKYEN Adjustable Squat Rack Stand is made of heavy gauge steel. It is strong enough to support 850 pounds of weight. The weight of the rack is only 44 pounds, so you can easily move it. It is 28 to 48 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 43-71 inches tall. The rack is also lined with non-slip foot pads.


  • It is space-efficient

  • Has high weight-capacity 


  • It has no pull-up bar

Mllieroo Multifunctional Pullup Bar

Mllieroo Multifunctional Pullup Bar is versatile, easy to install and budget-friendly. This pull-up bar can handle 220 pounds of weight at a time. It is lined with plush foam padding, making it easy for you to grip. As it is 37 inches wide, you can hang it on your standard door frame.


  • Easy to grip

  • It is simple to install

Echelon EX3

The Echelon EX3 bike is also an affordable choice for you to burn calories. It has 32 levels of resistance. The bike can bear a maximum user weight of 300lb. It offers you a great range of classes, but you have to subscribe to get access.


  • Easy to set up and adjust

  • It is quiet


No built-in screen 

AeroPilates Premier Reformer

You can try your hands on AeroPilates Premier Reformer to level up your Pilates practice. The sliding center platform of the reformer is padded but sturdy. This reformer has two pulleys on one side and a stabilizing foot bar on the other. It also comes with a removable rebounder.

  • Foldable

  • You can move it comfortably with wheels 


  • Heavy weight equipment 

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is 80 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 25 inches tall. Instead of water, this rower uses a magnet to create tension. It has a sliding seat, non-slip foot pedals, and a centre handle.


  • It is foldable

  • It is noiseless


  • It has a small size
In closing

Are you aiming to lose weight? Finding the best and most cost-friendly equipment is no doubt a challenge. But no worries! Take a look at the above-mentioned equipment to select the best one for you.


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